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Accept Forgiveness, Accept Love

Our Divine Download for November 12, 2021 is The Myriam/Sacred Vision and Lady Nada/Heart Awakening from the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards. The Myriam means "Beloved" and they are twin flame angels who come as one. They are mirror images of each other. They are the angels who appeared to Mary Magdalene at Jesus' tomb following his ascension. They come to us to ask us who is our mirror image at the moment and if we like what we see being mirrored back to us. There is a real opportunity for us to move beyond giref and past grievances at this time. The Myriam swirl their holy light all around us so that we may regain our sense of balance and our connection with spirit. They remind us that we are truly loved beyond words. They ask us to see the light of the universe is everyone and everything. They ask us to love without boundaries or conditions. Not coincidentally, Lady Nada is said to be another incarnation of Mary Magdalene. She is a mighty spiritual priestess of love who lived in Atlantis and as such she is the light force that helps us awaken our hearts to the divine love we deserve, the light keeper whose essence allows the light within our hearts to expand. Our hearts are opening wide in order to allow us to experience divine love. This is our opportunity to overcome any past pain, heartbreak, and let-downs. This is your reminder that when true love is present there are no obstacles to overcome! Your relationships are being brought into harmony on all levels of your life, Give and receive divine love with to yourself and all those around you. It's time to heal. It's time to expand. It's time for love.

Past relationship hurts, especially heartbreak and those which were unhealthy in nature can cause energetic cords of attachment to form from those we were in relationships with to us, leaving us feeling stuck and bound. An Energetic Cord Cutting will remove these negative cords of attachment allowing us to focus on better loving ourselves and making room for healthy new relationships. Book Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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