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Accept Your Birthright

Our Divine Download for May 30, 2020 is Parents from the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards. This card is putting us on notice that either our parents, parental figures, or our role as parents are in the spotlight right now. There is a great healing that is taking place within these roles and these facets. We inherit so much more from our parents than mere physical genetics. Sometimes they pass things down to us that they aren't aware of either: beliefs, patterns, or tendencies that are deeply rooted in our ancestral line and passed down to us through our dna and our cellular memory. But, it doesn't always have to be so. All it takes is one person, one generation, to look at it and say "that doesn't work for me any longer and I choose differently" and it begins to shift. And, it doesn't just shift for you. It shifts for your entire genetic line, past and future. Whoo-hoo! Know that your parents, wherever they are, whatever the nature of your relationship with them, as well as you entire previous ancestral line, support you in the healing work that you are doing with these issues. They want better for you, they want more for you. Just as you want for your children, and any who come after you. And it is here for you. Your Angels are also here for you to assist you with identifying and processing this great healing. You can move mountains simply by deciding "no more" or deciding differently. You honor your connection with the Divine and the great power of the Universe which resides within and around you when you choose to heal in this way. Healed and whole is our birthright. It's time for you to accept yours.

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