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Access Ancient Wisdom To Bolster Your Knowledge

Our Divine Download for November 5, 2023 is Hazel/Coli from The Green Man Tree Oracle with the Green Man Wisdom "Seek wisdom in the depths." The Green Man reminds us through Hazel that wisdom is much harder to find that knowledge. Wisdom comes to us in moments of grace, when we stop striving for fixed or prior knowledge, when we assess the need of the moment and ask for helpful solutions. Wisdom is already inside us, but when there is so much information on every side we need some help to distinguish between true and false. These are the times that it is helpful to turn to the Ancestors who are the guardians of the wisdom that dwell in the other world, where every thought is stored, every experience laid down, every atom of memory and truth recorded. By tuning into this storehouse of collective memory, we find that we can tap into a wisdom that is simultaneously as old as time yet as fresh as tomorrow (wisdom is funny like that!) When we are in need, we often think that we do have sufficient knowledge to overcome a problem, but the depths of ancestral wisdom refines what we have into something far more powerful, useful, and appropriate for what we require. The message conveyed by Hazel is to dig deeper into your store of wisdom, and to seek out the primal information that can illuminate your every action. Hazel is also a reminder that we do not have to find answers or wisdom ourselves, and that we are better served by tapping into what is available to us in the collective. When we get into the habit of doing this, we will feel better supported and also see that the so-called problems in our lives are quicker to find solutions.

We can tap into our Ancestors as a collective, or individual and specific ancestors during a Mediumship Reading. Schedule Your Mediumship Reading Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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