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Acknowledge Your Suffering To Heal & Thrive

Our Divine Download for October 23, 2023 is Dhumavati from the Kali Oracle. Healing begins with an acknowledgement of suffering. You cannot resolve an issue if you deny that it exists. Honesty, and bearing honest witness is the only way for change to begin. When Dhumavati arises in a reading, there is an opportunity to end a profound and difficult struggle - perhaps one that is obscured and difficult to articulate and acknowledge. It's time to speak truths to yourself such as "this is not good for me" or "I'm not yet sure what or how, but something needs to stop." Dhumavati brings the message that the path that you are on cannot take you any further. This isn't a sign that life is over by any means, but rather that life, as you have known it has to come to and end (at least some facet thereof). This is the inception of a new cycle. To be ready for it, as we know from Kali's mysteries, we must grieve and release what has been. Even when we are kicking a bad habit to the curb, there can still be some grief associated with letting go of that part of our life because it served a purpose and maybe covered up other wounds for as long as we let it. Dhumavati can be considered the harbinger of endings and loss, but also of radical trust and secret blessings that are revealed later, and most often, unexpectedly. Sometimes things avoided at all costs happen anyway, and we end up being grateful for it because it frees us. New horizons open up. Everything changes. It wasn't easy. It took courage. It may have hurt a lot. We had to grow, but she was there with us, letting us know "This feels terrible, but something good is going to come from it. The pain will end. You are going to be more than just okay - you are going to thrive." And so it is!

Our Angels know that change can be scary and feel hard. They're here for us to lovingly guide us and support us and will offer us simple, easy Spiritual Action Steps during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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