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Act Now to Open Up Your Heart

Our Divine Download for February 3, 2021 is Red Jasper/Take Action and Rose Quartz/Open Up Your Heart from the Daily Crystal Inspiration Oracle Deck. It's time to open up our hearts. It's time to allow ourselves to experience more love in all areas of our lives. It's time to give and receive more love. What action will you take to allow yourself to experience more love? You can do it. Even if it's felt scary or challenging in the past, Red Jasper reassures you that the action that you take now will yield positive results. So stop procrastination! Take one action step which will open your heart up to more love today. Put these action steps on your to-do list. Organize them. Prioritize them. Who was your very first love? (Hint: it should be you!) You should always be first on your love list. Absolute tops. All the time. No exceptions, no exclusions. Rose Quartz asks us to affirm "I am love." When was the last time that you told yourself that you love you? When was the last time that you showed yourself that you love you? Today, look into your own eyes in the mirror and declare "I love you!" Notice the exclamation point. This absolutely should be an exclamatory statement! How does it feel to connect with yourself this way? What does it look like to show yourself unconditional love? What do you love most and best about yourself? We cannot be in a place of kindness, peace, patience. and tolerance for others if we are not showing unconditional love to ourselves. When we embrace unconditional love for ourselves, we open our hearts to receiving the kind of love that we need and deserve from others. So if your love life and your relationships are not what or as you want them to be, it's time to look at the truth of your relationship with yourself. How are you treating yourself? Allow yourself to fall head over heals in love with yourself. You're pretty damn amazing and pretty damn special. Love you like you want to be loved. With the full vastness of your most open heart.

When we experience emotions in opposition to love and kindness over extended periods of time, these emotions can form blocks to experiencing full love and kindness in our energetic bodies. Identity and clear those blocks with a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading. Book your session HERE!

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