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Acts of Service Bring Balance To Your Life

Our Divine Download for January 2, 2023 is Volunteer from the Butterfly Oracle For Life Changes. Sometimes the best way that we can show up for ourselves in our lives is to reliably be there for others. When was the last time you gave of your time? What does it mean to you and for you to volunteer? Did you know that when you give your time to and for others that you are actually giving yourself MORE time?! This is a sign from the universe that there has been a bit of an energetic imbalance at play in your life. Sometimes volunteer work is the best method of effecting change related to an issue that you're passionate about - and also even of exploring a new potential career and meeting like minded friends. What better way to find your tribe and up your vibe?! We can fall victim of thinking that volunteering has to be an all or nothing type endeavor, that we have to invest hours and hours and hours in volunteering. The truth of the matter is that anything that you give, which is given from the heart, is an act of service. Whether that be time, money, or any other type of effort. When you give, you also receive. So if you have been feeling lacking in any of these areas of your life, consider which acts of service might fill that void and negate that lack. The universe abhors a vacuum, so you don't want to create the opportunity for empty spaces in yourself or in your life because the universe will always find a way to fill those spaces and you may not love the ways that it does so, especially if it has been on your heart or your mind to be of service in some way and you have thus far ignored that guidance. You can't ever "outgive" the universe, so it truly is a dynamic where the more that you give, the more that you will receive. If you aren't sure where you can best be of service or your time, money, or efforts will affect the most change, ask the universe for guidance and be willing to act when that guidance comes in.

When things have been awry in our lives, we can forget that service is a solution. Our Angels will help guide and inspire us to the specific act or acts of service that will best allow us to share our gifts during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Here: Book Your Session TODAY!

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