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Add a Lil Romance to Your World

Our Divine Download for January 22, 2022 is Knight of Water from the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot Cards. In other tarot Interpretations the Knight of Water would be the Knight of Cups, Knight of Hearts, Knight of Summer, and the Knight of Archangel Raphael. Our Knight of Water is emotional, dramatic, and oh so romantic. The Knight of Water is super romantic and he is all about romance blooming and love growing. This is a time when your heart will soar and you will find yourself smiling more than you usually do. You may even find yourself blushing a lil bit. Once you get a taste of this romantic energy, nothing is the same. Whether this energy has to do with another person or is simply the energy of you finally prioritizing romancing yourself, it can be overwhelming and intense in the absolute best possible way and may even throw you off balance a little bit. Enjoy the magic of the experience, but do your best to try to stay somewhat grounded and see things as they truly are, and not as you want them to be. Our Angel Message from the Knight of Water is "Wow! We can hear the pitter-patter of your heart and sense the euphoria running through your veins! We are happy you are getting to have this experience, but we suggest you stay grounded. This is a wonderful feeling, but you do not have to be completely swept away to the detriment of other people and areas in your life in order to enjoy it."

Flowers can be a wonderful way to bring some romance into your own life! A Flower Therapy Healing Session is a wonderful, gentle, and enjoyable way to balance your energy and you get to keep the flowers used during your session so that you can continue to enjoy them. Schedule Your Flower Therapy Healing Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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