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Allow Your Intuition to Decide

Our Divine Download for June 28, 2021 is Antelope/Decisiveness encouraging us to "Make a Decision and take appropriate action" from the Power Animal Oracle Cards. There's a line in the Rush Song "Freewill" that says "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice." And that's where we're at. It's time to decide. Something. Anything. You can't decide wrong. If you do choose not to decide, then be okay with that indecision, rather than ruminating over it and pretending that you're still going to make a decision other than choosing not to decide - choose not to decide and let it go! We get so wrapped up in the idea that we're going to make a "wrong" decision, or a "bad" decision, that it paralyzes us. And why? How many things that we decide truly are permanent?! Maybe we get so wrapped up in making choices simply because we have so many of them and are constantly bombarded with even more. Not every decision that we make is a life or death decision. In fact, for the vast majority of us, very few if any truly are. So why do we make such a big deal over decision making? Why do we sweat SO much of the small stuff? The decisions that we're being guided to make here should be made with a combination of spirit and instinct, in other words: your intuition! The more you practice using your intuition to guide you in decision making, the more decisive you'll be. Making decisions from this intuitive space, and from a heart lead space, is really the only way to be and the only way to live. Listen to your intuition, decide, and act, without any regrets, second guessing, or hesitation. Trust that the outcomes you experience when you decide in this way are the will of the divine and for the best and highest good of all involved, especially you!

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