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Allow Your Senses To Guide Your

Our Divine Download for June 27, 2021 is Deer/Pathfinder reminding us "Trust Your Instincts to guide you through this situation" from the Power Animal Oracle Cards. Deer manage to find their ways through even the densest forests using their instincts. They don't think about it, they certainly don't worry about it. Rather, they tune into, allow, and follow the guidance from their other senses and allow that to lead them. In the same way, Deer is also reminding us to get out of our heads and our mind space, and to come to our senses. Deer encourages us to stop (STOP!) thinking so much about the situation at hand and to stop (STOP!!) trying to figure out what to do or which way to go using analysis and cognition. Rather, we are reminded to use our other senses, ALL of our other senses to gather information, and then drop that information that we've gathered, and our awareness into our gut, into the center of our being, because this is the seat of our instinctual self. Our senses are meant to register information in a way that can be felt within our physical bodies, because at the end of the day, our physical body is our most reliable compass. But we disconnect from our physical bodies and our sense far too often. Trying to push through and push past obstacles, we divorce our bodies and our physical senses rather than partnering with them. Ask yourself how you can better partner with and inhabit your physical body. Practice utilizing your senses to gather information for your body compass, without thinking about it. Our bodies, and our instincts bring us pure awareness without any preconceived notions, anxiety, apprehension, or anticipation. Breathe and allow yourself to be in this space of pure awareness, connected to yourself and your physical body. For it is within this space that you know exactly where you need to go.

Our senses can actually become dulled because we do not use them to the extent that we are meant to. An AromaTouch Session, using specific essential oils, can return our whole body, including all of our senses to homeostasis, allowing us to partner with our senses in the way that we are meant to. Book Your AromaTouch Session Today: Book Your Session Here!


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