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Amplify The Compatible

Our Divine Download for March 2, 2022 is Trine/Sextile/Symbiosis from Starcodes Astro Oracle Cards. Trines and Sextiles are cooperative energies. When planets form the enhancing, 120 degree Trine or 60 degree sextile to each other, it is as though the energies of both planets is kicked up a notch. These are energies that play well together, creating a more optimistic and favorable environment. The energies form a collaboration, backing each other up. Where are the existing collaborative energies in your life? How can you possibly amplify those energies? You are being guided to take stock of these areas within your own life, and the potentials to turn up the volume on the existing circumstances which are going right. Use what is easy and what is comfortable in your life as on opportunity to grow, renew, and expand. Look for people and circumstances who have compatible and complimentary skills and energies to your own. Gently expand your world through compatible people, collaborative skills, and through doing and focusing on what you love. Now is a serendipitous time to explore what you have in common with those around you. Your guidance is to focus on commonalities rather than our nature tendency to seek out and focus on difference and difficulties. Bring your attention and your focus to those areas of your life where energy flows naturally and easily, where support can be found, where enthusiasm exists. Grow organically in and through these spaces. Remember though: the path of least resistance can be both delightful and limiting. Prioritize growth rather than allowing yourself to become too comfortable or get stuck in a rut.

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