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As Above, So Below

Our Divine Download for June 3, 2020 is Earth Angel from the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards. Our Angel featured on this card holds a glowing sphere full of butterflies representing the literal transformation of the Earth right now, and all of her human inhabitants. It's a big deal. It's a lot. It's beyond a once in a lifetime type of thing. It's bigger and vastly more profound than that. And here you are in the middle of experiencing this great transformation, this great pause. You're here for a reason. You're here right now because you are a light worker. You're here to bring the light, to shine the light, your light, on others, and on the situation. You do this by being yourself. You do this through love. It can be a challenging place to be, and it can actually feel lonely to be a light worker. Light workers need each other and they need support because they are tasked with such a big job. Never moreso than right now. Yes, we need to be the helpers, but we also need our own helpers too. It's imperative that we connect to our own heavenly helpers and our our fellow Earth Angels. We sometimes forget to connect because we forget to ask. We're so busy embracing and living our life purpose and shining our lights, that we forget to allow and accept the light to be shone upon us. In order for our own necessary transformations to occur, we must experience the light. We must ask. We must seek it out when it isn't immediately apparent to us. It's sort of like putting the oxygen mask on yourself before you assist others when you're on an airplane. The light is necessary for our survival, especially now. It may be extra challenging to connect with our Earth plane Angels right now due to societal restrictions, and that's where our Divine helpers and spiritual support teams come in. All we have to do to connect with them is ask. They're there, and they will support us. But we must ask because the law of free will choice is unbreakable, unignorable. We can ask for signs from our Heavenly Helpers too, clear signs that we will recognize and understand. Allow them to support you as you continue with your mission of supporting the Earth through light and love.

If it is challenging for you to connect with your Heavenly Helpers, you may consider a Healing Helpers Mini Reading to help you connect with Archangels Michael, Raphael, and other Archangels. It can sometimes be gentler and easier to connect with and identify with specific Archangels through their specific messages for us. Connect Here!


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