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Ascended Master Assistance

Our Divine Download for Thursday April 16, 2020 is Spirit/Ascended Masters bringing us the energy and guidance of Jesus, Buddha, Hilarion, & St. Germain from The Quantum Oracle Cards. These dynamic spirits are here to assist you in all areas of your life. These particular spirits have all lived on the Earth Plane before and now work from the energetic realm in order to assist you with the depth and breadth of their experience. Look at your life and seek the assistance of the master whom you most resonate with right now. Their enlightenment is here for you now. Jesus represented by the dove brings in unlimited and miraculous healing power. He is also the master of love and can open your heart to the unconditional love you deserve for yourself, and can bring a more loving attitude to your life and your world, as well as greater compassion for the people around you. Buddha, as represented by the lotus, brings you to greater consciousness and enlightenment, usually by rising up from the depths of the muck of your past experiences. He's here to help you with meditation and spiritual understanding as well as for achieving inner peace during difficult times. Hilarion is the master of intellect, detail, and follow through, as symbolized by the all-seeing eye on the pyramid. He can guide you in matters of science and discovery, and in finishing projects. St. Germain is represented by the infinity sign and is a master of ceremony and group energies including families, corporations, and organizations, and can bring great resolution and inspiration. He is a wonderful source of assistance when you're trying to shift your own consciousness, the consciousness of a community, or even the whole world. Be open to all who can bring the spiritual wisdom that could change your life. The affirmation for this car is "I invite the guidance and energy of [name the ascended master of your choice] and I gratefully request assistance with [state your issue here]." And so it is!

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