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Ask & Make Space to Receive

Our Divine Download for December 22, 2022 is Pray from the Heart from the Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle Cards. Prayer, however you use it, whatever you believe, however you intend it, actually has two parts: asking and receiving. But most of us only ever are taught about the first part, which is the asking. We have to ask, yes absolutely. Free will choice is a hard and fast rule of the universe and our requests cannot and will not be considered, not can the universe or our angels intervene or intercede on our behalf until and unless we ask. We also need to make sure that the requests that we are making are heartfelt. If we're just throwing requests out there with the same amount of enthusiasm we'd use when we order a sandwich, we're not likely to experience great results because there is no feeling behind our ask. When we are aligned to and connected with our heart center and we ask from this connected space, we are much more likely to be heard and responded to in a very tangible way. But that second part of asking, the receiving part, is where we usually trip ourselves up. First and foremost we need to be willing to receive. If we are not willing to receive, the universe will not be able to support us by giving us anything, including clarity and answers. But we also need to make the space for our answers to land when we do receive them. One of the easiest and best ways to create this space is by clearing our minds through meditation. Just as planes cannot land on a crowded runway, inspirations, blessings, and guidance cannot "land" within our overcrowded, overactive minds. So make the space, be willing, and ask from the heart. You'll be astonished at what you will receive!

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