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Assess Your Personal Blind Spots

Our Divine Download for March 5, 2023 is Key In to Wisdom/Little Owl from The Illustrated Bestiary Oracle Cards. Don't let the word "little" fool you when referring to the depths of wisdom of the owl. Little Owl sat on the Athena's blind side, illuminating what the Goddess could not see. Athena who is considered the Greek Goddess of Wisdom knew that being wise requires us to acknowledge our own weaknesses, to understand that even Goddesses are not all-knowing. Blindness in and of itself is not a fault, rather failure comes from refusing to call on those who will help you understand the whole. This is true of any of our perceived weaknesses or deficits as well. Little Owl sees what you cannot. Call on her when you're truly ready to listen with your heart and feel her wisdom in your soul. It takes bravery and a lot of self-awareness to admit that you have a blind side, or that you are not all-knowing. If Little Owl were to sit on your shoulder, what types of things would she need to whisper to you? What areas of your life are your personal blind spot? Are you able to admit when you're wrong? Do you allow people around you to change, or do you insist on seeing them in a fixed way? Are you too trusting or not trusting enough? Do you have trouble with money? Or business? Or science? Are you willfully ignorant of how other people feel about you? Acknowledging areas in your life where you are blind allows you to strategize and call in the support you need, whether that's an accountant or a therapist. You can think of these helpers as your own Little Owls and know that when you allow yourself to receive counsel and advise, you are moving towards wisdom.

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