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Awaken Your New Perspective

Our Divine Download for January 23, 2022 is Awakening from the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot. Awakening is what is known as a Major Arcana card in tarot. Major Arcana cards are the equivalent of what trump cards would be in traditional playing cards. Usually when they appear, it indicates more of a big deal, transformative type of time and energy than the every day themes highlighted in the minor arcana cards. Awakening is ALL about shifting our perspective. It is about the need to look at things from a different perspective, which is why nearly every incarnation of this card demonstrates someone who is upside down! As we shift our external perspective (however we get there lol) there may be a bit of a temporary pause to our plans in order to allow our energy to come into alignment with our new more accurate perspective. And that's a-ok! Any pause or change to plans is simply temporary. It also serves a higher order purpose because it is ultimately allowing the universe to bring our manifestation into clearer focus and to bring us something EVEN BETTER than that which we may have originally planned! There is absolutely no reason to be discouraged with this *temporary* pause in the action or *slight* change to our original plans. It is not the universe saying "no." It is simply the universe saying "not right this second because I have something EVEN BETTER in store for you!" Our Angel Message from the Awakening card is "Things aren't what they appear to be. Release your preconceived ideas and open your mind to allow a deeper clarity about the situation to present itself. Remember...not everything that happens is about you."

It can be unnerving to experience an awakening and it is always challenging not to be discouraged by a pause or delay to our plans in which we are so naturally invested. It can be helpful to check in with our Angels for some reassurance during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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