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Balance Your Expectations To Achieve Your Best Balance

Our Divine Download for August 22, 2023 is Balance from the Zen Cards with the message "The center is not always the point of balance. When you find that place where BALANCE is achieved, peace will result in all situations. There is no conflict, for everything RESTS without strain." That the center is not always the point of balance is a mind blowing concept for most of our mere mortal brains. But it's SO very true. If you think about the situations and relationship dynamics in your own life, we associate with balance as being directly centered or even-stevens, perfectly dispersed, exactly equal. But VERY rarely do relationships and situations change and evolve that way. In order to achieve balance within any given dynamic or situation, it may be that one party has to give more in one way, and another party therefore must give more in another way. That doesn't mean that the situation or dynamic isn't balanced. It just may look somewhat different that how we might assume it "should" (which is not a word that I love). When we play to our strengths and the strengths of others within situations, it often doesn't look "even," but that doesn't mean that it isn't balanced. Don't confuse the two! If you want to promote peace, the easiest way to achieve balance in doing so is to play to each individuals strengths and to allow them to learn in a safe and supportive environment to rise up and overcome their perceived weaknesses. Remember too that what balance may look like for one person or in one situation or dynamic is not necessarily how it may look for someone else in another different situation or dynamic. And that's okay!

Sometimes we need our Angels and Guides to point out the way to achieve balance within certain situations or dynamics and they will gladly help us do that during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!

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