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Balance Your Perspective

Our Divine Download for July 18, 2022 is Tiger Eye/Balance from the Crystal Ally Oracle Cards. Tiger Eye is reminding you to look carefully at both sides of the current situations in your life and not to label or to judge them in ways where there are divergent or opposing sides. Things are rarely as simple as black and white, good or bad, right or wrong. When we allow and foster these types of polarizing labels in our lives, we may be missing important viewpoints that could give us better and more accurate insight into how to proceed. Tiger Eye encourages us to maintain balance and neutrality until we have considered both sides of the issue and found merit and validity in both. Tiger Eye also asks us to practice being a witness to what is said and done in our lives and around us and to do so as an impartial observer rather than running those experiences through our personal filters. Balance warns us against extremes of any kind or in any way. This type of self discipline and self control are powerful and important skills for those on their spiritual path. If you are currently considering major life changes, you will want to fully consider the issue from all sides before taking action. There are lessons or aspects of the current situation that you have not yet fully realized or learned. Call upon the frequency and vibration of Tiger Eye to help you to see the full importance of the situation at hand and be open and receptive to the wisdom and guidance that you receive. Affirm: I walk in balance on the path of truth.

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