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Our Divine Download for September 3, 2021 is Just be Yourself from the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards bringing us the message "You're a great person - enjoy being yourself!" Our society is sooooo hyper focused on growth and change and evolution, that it leaves little to no time and space to just enjoy being exactly who you are right here right now. We often aren't taught to enjoy being who we are, or the value and importance of just being ourselves. In fact, we're so often compared to others that we may even have lost sight of who exactly we really are at some point along the way. Our Unicorn friends are gently and lovingly reminding us that now is a great time for us to be wholly and unapologetically ourselves, just as we are, in this moment in time. Now is also a great time to celebrate ourselves for who we are now and all that we have been through and accomplished to get to this point in our lives. Do you enjoy yourself? Do you celebrate yourself? Do you love and cherish yourself unconditionally? What does it mean for you to enjoy being yourself? What would it take for you to enjoy being yourself? Do you see yourself as great? If not, what is holding you back from recognizing your greatness? The whole universe is conspiring to remind you of yougreatness and help you celebrate your uniqueness and individuality. You're wonderful. You're amazing. You're perfect exactly as you are. By being yourself, you are playing out your soul mission on this planet and you are blessing everyone with whom you interact with your delightful authenticity. Be your badass self - and enjoy every single moment as wonderful, magical, beautiful YOU!

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