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Beautify Your Romantic Relationships

Our Divine Download for July 19, 2020 is Beauty and Romantic Partner from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards. The fairies are reminding you of your own unique innate beauty. Your beauty shines the brightest when you're happy and satisfied. Part of that is you appreciating how wonderful and how truly beautiful you really are. Truly. Challenge yourself to think loving and affirming thoughts about each and every part of you, inside and out. Accept yourself with grace just as you are in this moment. Stop buying into the toxic comparisons you make between yourself and others. Appreciate yourself, all of your true beauty, exactly as is. Nourish your body, your mind, and your soul. Invest in yourself. Do the things for yourself that make you feel beautiful and pampered and cherished. But most importantly, spend time in meaningful ways that make you feel joyous and you will glow with the attractiveness of a truly happy person. When you live in such a way that naturally affirms "My inner and outer selves are radiantly attractive right now. I love my beautiful self" you will naturally radiate energy and light that will draw people to you. This is what lights up romance in your life. It all starts with releasing any fears that you may have about giving or receiving love. It starts with accepting yourself as a romantic person. It starts with acknowledging your need and your desire for more romance within your current relationship or in a new relationship. It's here for you now. It's coming to you. Allow your beautiful self to receive it and enjoy it. Know that romance isn't an indulgence. It's a meaningful and enjoyable part of life. Sometimes when we're stressed, we crave romance the most, but be may not know exactly how to experience romance. Let the fairies help you relax, allowing an inflow of romantic ideas to easily come to your mind, and also giving you the energy to put them into action and enjoy them to the greatest extent possible. Affirm "I am a romantic person. I release any fears I may have about giving or receiving love."

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