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Breathe Into Peace

Our Divine Download for January 13, 2024 is Breathe from the Self-Care Wisdom Cards. Breathe councils us "The calmer you are, the more time slows down, and the easier it is to get everything done." Our breath is the biggest, baddest, most powerful tool that we have. It is always with us. If we're not breathing, we'll die (it's really a pretty simple concept here!) Yet most of us are stuck in survival mode, or at least in the rush of the go, Go, GO! mentality, and when we are stuck there, we typically do not focus on our breath. What's worse, we become clenchy, and we actually hold our breath rather than taking the bigger, fuller, deeper breaths that will help support and sustain us. When we become mindful of our breathing, and begin to focus on our breath, even for moments at a time, we start to connect to the very center of ourselves and the true nature of our power and we do find that everything tends to flow better and more easily. We can practice this by taking big, full, deep, demonstrative cleanings breaths each and every morning as a way to wake our bodies up and connect our minds with our bodies (Hint: we function better from a place of connection and unison!) As we are going throughout the hustle and bustle of our typically busy days, we can also challenge ourselves to see how many big, deep, full breaths we can take, or how long we can stay focused on fuller, deeper breathing. You will be astounded at the difference something so seemingly simple will make in your life because it truly does make all of the difference in the world!

Meditation is a wonderful space in which to practice, fuller, deeper, more connected breathing. Schedule a Meditation & Me Session to focus on your breath and up-level your meditation practice. Book Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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