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Breathe Into Serenity

Our Divine Download for December 5, 2020 is Dove/Serenity from the Power Animal Oracle Cards bringing us the message "Slow down, pause, and breathe." We lives very busy lives in a very busy society that doesn't much value intentional slowness, pauses, or breathing, and we wonder why it is challenging for us to find peace and serenity either in moments or meaningful duplicatable patterns. Especially this time of year when we are so externally pushed by messages that we see everywhere, both consciously and subconsciously to be in the hustle and the bustle and value the business. But it goes against our nature (which very much needs quiet and still to regroup and recharge) and it goes against the natural rhythmic cycles of the time of year which are calling us to tuck in an hibernate in whatever way we can make that happen. Our breath is one of our greatest, and most often neglected and overlooked tools, for it is always with us and moves great energetic mountains within us. Even if you can't slow down right now, if you aren't able to immediately carve out space and time for a necessary pause, you can still breathe. You can focus on the space that is created by and within your breath. You can focus on the serenity that the act of meaningful, mindful breathing brings you. You can breath in a purposeful, meaningful, mindful, intentional way to help your body, your emotions and your energy field slow down on the inside. Connecting your breath with your thoughts and your emotions is one of the most valuable exercises that you can invest your time in. When you take a big, deep, full body breath, what do you notice? What do you feel? Are you able to do so? Is it comfortable? Do you feel clogged or blocked? Are you able to breath through any of those clogs or blocks? Are you able to breath past that initial stuckness and discomfort? What comes up for you when you breath? What is your breath trying to tell you? Most of us aren't breathing deeply, or fully on a regular basis. When we're rushed and we're busy, when we're stressed in any sort of way (because we're never stressed, right?!) we tend to tense up and hold our breath, which is exactly the opposite of what we need at those times as our breath is meant to support and sustain us. We also tend to clench up and hold our breath in really incredible ways as a trauma response, and it's really easy to get stuck in that tight, small breath pattern. So, in order to cultivate some serenity in your life, connect with your breath and let it guide you into a serene state of connectivity with your body. You'll not only feel much more serene, but this is also your vehicle to soar to new heights in all areas of your life.

When energy becomes stuck in our body it naturally blocks our breath and our connection. An Integrative Reiki Session can do wonders to move, cleanse, and balance any energy that is stuck in your body and blocking your breath, and your serenity. Book your session!


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