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Bring Your Brilliant Ideas Into The World

Our Divine Download for October 26, 2022 is Fertility from the Spellcasting Oracle Cards. This card works so beautifully and so synchronistically with yesterday's card because we are being told that this is a very fertile time for you. If you've been working on a new idea or project, you can be sure that a creative power is stirring within you and is ready to be birthed. You can rest assured that your dreams are ready to be birthed into reality. You just need to nurture your brilliant ideas by keeping your expectations positive. Patience is a big challenge when you want to see results as nurturing and birth cannot be rushed. Remain heartened and encouraged, for this is when all the magic is happening in the background. So much of the pregnancy and birth process, literally and figuratively is energetic and takes place within the unseen of the ethers. It may take a little time, but success awaits as you trust in divine timing. All good things come to those who wait. Great things come from small beginnings. Now is the time to acknowledge your ideas, your dreams, and to take guided action steps in order to breathe life into them and to birth them into existence. Any new ventures that you embark on at this time will be successful. Your hard work has and is paying off. Make sure that you remember to celebrate your success!

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