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Build Your Dreams

Our Divine Download for May 3, 2023 is Building Your World/Creation, Expansion, Networking from The Priestess of Light Oracle. Does your world, your life look exactly as you want it to right now at this very moment in time? If your answer isn't a resounding "FUCK YES!" Then you have some work to do. And that's okay. It's great, actually. Because the universe is giving you the nod that this is the perfect time for you to build your world to be and look *exactly* as you want and have always wanted it to. The one teensy, tiny little caveat with that is that in order to do this magical building, you are going to have to venture outside of your comfort zone just a wee lil bit in order to create, expand, and network with other people. What do you want to create in your world right now? Who can help you create your vision of your ideal world? What do you wish to expand in your world right now? Who can best help you with those expansion plans? Who can you most effectively network with right at this very moment in time to get you from your point A starting point to the point B of your beautiful, ideal world? Start reaching out, start pushing yourself a little bit, see what happens, be open to the magical results. The universe isn't guaranteeing you that this will happen overnight, but it is guaranteeing you that it absolutely will happen with some hard work and a little help from your friends.

Our Angels know that we can become so hyper-focused on our current "reality" that it can be difficult for us to see the bigger picture of the capabilities of what we are able to build for ourselves and in our lives. They will help us do so during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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