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Celebrate Interdependence

Our Divine Download for October 19, 2021 is Reach Out from The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck. Our society really focuses on and rewards independence, to a fault. Small children are so proud when they are able to achieve certain levels of independence often declaring "I did it all by myself!" But, we aren't supposed to be doing it all by ourselves! We're getting that very, very wrong. We are not an independent, but an interdependent species. We are meant to be connected to and supported by other people. We are stronger in numbers than we are on our own. Many of us weren't really all that great at reaching out or asking for help even before the pandemic, and well, that certainly didn't do us any favors. But we are being guided to reach out to others right now. We've heard "As above so below" and when we reach out to those on the earth plane, it makes it easier for us to remember to reach out to our guides as well (because we often forget to do that thinking that we've got to do all of the thing all by ourselves.) How do you feel when you ask for help? How do you feel when others ask you for help? (Often these things are not so subtly connected.) How often do you reach out to others? Can you challenge yourself to do so more often? How often do you reach out to or for your guides? Can you challenge yourself to do that each and every day? No man (or woman) is an island. We are not meant to go it alone or do it alone. We are not meant to do it all by ourselves or to be forced to figure it out all by ourselves. If you have reached out, or reached out for help in the past and perhaps were not met with either a warm or loving reception, do not let the failure of the person or persons that you reached out to define your relationship with asking for help or connecting with other people. Keep trying. Keep reaching. Open yourself up to allow yourself to receive the connection and the support that you deserve.

Our Angels know that it can be challenging to ask for help and to reach out to and connect with others when we may have experienced rejection or heartache there in the past. Allow them to guide you and support you during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session HERE: Book Your Session TODAY!


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