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Center In Peace

Our Divine Download for October 18, 2020 is Find Your Center from The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck. When was the last time that you checked in with yourself? Like really, truly took the time to accurately access how you are truly doing on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level? Any time that you start to feel overcome and overwhelmed by anxiety and the chaos or stress of the outside world, that's you signal that it's time to check in with yourself, your true self, and see where you are and how you are. It's time to slow down and check in with the center of your being. Notice that reads your BE-ing and not your DO-ing. There's a reason for that. When was the last time that you felt centered? Have you ever? Don't allow yourself to continue to be caught up in the rat race and busy-ness of the outer materialistic driven world. Step back from it. Step into yourself. Slow into your own center. You need to do this now to pause, reflect, and heal. It's time. Your spiritual self is begging to be seen and heard right now. So how do you find your center if you've lost it or feel as though you never really had it? First, stop. Just stop. S-L-O-W down. Actively choose to disconnect from all that is keeping you busy in distraction. You already know what all of that is. Close your eyes. Breathe. Take nice slow, deep, healing, cleansing breaths. Your breath is one of you most powerful (yet most often neglected tools) because it is always with you. You can place one or both hands over your heart or your solar plexus if that is comfortable to you. Say to yourself, either in your mind, or out loud "Find your Center." Continue to breathe ins quiet stillness and listen as you connect with your center, with your soul. In this mindfully cultivated soul centered space, you will find that the stress and anxiety of the outside world are disconnected or do not exist. With practice, you can relax (yes, relax!) into the peace of the present moment and release all that does not exist or matter outside of this time and space. Hint: it's mostly everything! When you cultivate this centered peace and stillness within you, it will be reflected in your outside world which will help you align and balance your body, mind, and soul. Your center is where it's at. It's where it all happens.

Outside interference over time can leave energetic residue in our Chakra system which can block our ability to center. Clear and balance your chakras with a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading. Book a Session!

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