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Choose Empowerment Through Transits

Our Divine Download for March 1, 2022 is Transits/Climate from Starcodes Astro Oracle Cards. The planets are always moving through time and space, always spinning around us. When those planets form geometric relationships to each other, they create transits, which are more or less the astrological weather conditions of the day which affect us all. When a moving planets forms a geometric relationship to a planet in your natal (birth) chart, that transiting planet can act like a guest in your home, who just obnoxiously makes themselves at home. In this way planets transiting your natal (birth chart) activates a specific part of your existence. This card comes to us to put us on alert that certain situations in our lives are in flux and the surrounding macrocosmic conditions are changing. Your mission is to stay alert, be aware, and prepare yourself to respond to incoming challenges and opportunities. People who enter your life now may be karmically important, either through long-lasting relationships or those which provide valuable information lessons. There is no quantifier on this card's energy meaning that these transits may trigger small changes around you or they could signal the equivalent of a shooting star that blazes across your life turning your direction entirely. You always have free will choice either way (and in all circumstances). Ask for grace and guidance when responding to these changing circumstances. You are always in complete control of your response to every transit which affects your life.

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