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Choose Family Harmony

Our Divine Download for April 6, 2021 is Family Harmony/Chrysanthemum from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. Sometimes family harmony can feel like an oximoron. But what does harmony mean? Harmony is a pleasing arrangement of parts, or an agreement sense, according to Miriam Webster. It's simpler than what we try to make it. We can fall into the trap of thinking that we need a fully tuned orchestra playing a master symphony rather than just a couple of instruments who don't sound like nails on a chalkboard when combined. It's always good to think big, but we have to remember that any time other people are involved, including our families, the free will choice of those other people is very much a factor as well. It's not just our needs, wants, and desires, which have to be met, but theirs as well. The other family trap that I often see people fall into is the idea that because we're related, we must therefore also be relatable. Not. So. Much. We think it is somehow easier for our families to understand us than the general public, and the truth is that sharing a couple of genes and some dna does not guarantee any type of understanding, or acceptance. When we feel like that understanding and acceptance should be a given, we also feel as though we don't have to do the work that all relationships entail with those with whom we share a familial bond. ALL relationships take work. Every single one of them. Sometimes, relationships with our family members can even take MORE work. But, that work is often more rewarding than it is with most. We can also fall victim to overlooking our own roles and our own expectations within the dynamics of family relationships. It's often not as much about them as it is about us. But isn't that true with most things?! Harmony is a choice that we must make. Harmony within ourselves. Harmony in our dynamics with others. Harmony within our family dynamics is no exception. We must choose it. We must take responsibility for it. We must work for it and towards it. We must also allow it. That allowance often comes through the acceptance of others just as they are (not the changed or evolved versions of themselves that we want them to be). Chrysanthemum is our gentle reminder that family harmony (regardless of how we define our family) is always possible, and our loving support for making it happen.

Chrysanthemums are a go-to flower in a Flower Therapy Healing Session because they are so potent and powerful when it comes to removing relationship blocks of all kinds. If you love flowers and feel like you could use some healing an balancing in the relationship department (or any other department really), book your Flower Therapy Session today! Book your session HERE!


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