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Choose Not To Burn Out Or Get Burned

Our Divine Download for September 18, 2023 is Ten of Fire from The Mystical Cat Tarot. In other tarot interpretations this would be the ten of wands, the ten of spring, and ten of Archangel Gabriel. The suit of fire is all about movement, and about action, just like the element of fire itself. The ten of fire tells us that we are overworked and therefore overburdened. It is the antithesis of a card of balance. In fact, it alerts us to the fact that if we do not do something to help restore the balance within our lives, we are overworked to such an extent that we may begin to suffer stress related physical, mental, and emotional dis-ease, which can actually lead to problematic health conditions. The work will always be there, but our health is not guaranteed to be, especially if we neglect it, overlook it, and don't take care of it. Now is the time to re-prioritize, start delegating, and focus more and better on our health over our "work," whatever that may mean for you right now, in order to ensure that you do not get burned by being so chronically overworked and overburdened. What changes will you make? What choices will you make? Come up with a plan to shift your priorities and your focus and your entire life will benefit from this plan, this shift, this change, and these choices.

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