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Choose To Be Happy Today!

Our Divine Download for April 27, 2021 is Decide To Be Happy Now from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards. Are you happy? Right here, right now, are you happy? What does it mean to you to you to be happy? Do you know? Hint: happiness is a choice. Happiness is also our birth rite. We exist on this planet, at this time, in this space to move fully and blissfully down our paths towards joy. It's literally our reason for being. But for so many of us we make happiness unobtainable by refusing to accept or acknowledge our birth rite. We make happiness a destination, something that we'll get around to, when and if we have time, some day... We're getting that quite wrong. Happiness is a choice. It's your choice. You get to decide. Do you choose to be happy now? What does it mean to you to be happy? Will you allow yourself to focus on happiness? Will your prioritize your happiness? Are you in touch with what makes you happy? If not, that might just be a good place to start. Do some thinking or even some free writing on what makes you happy. Immediately cross off and remove any conditions for happiness that rely on other people, or certain economic or employment conditions which are not within your control. Hint: happiness is about focusing on those things that you can control and releasing those things, and those people who you cannot. Happiness is also about acceptance. There will always be certain circumstances and certain people in your life which will be challenging, and which will push your buttons. But how much attention do you want to pay these things and those people? How much of your time, your effort, your energy, and your happiness do they deserve? When you accept that they are as they are, you can focus on what you choose to, which is hopefully your own happiness. Happiness and peace do not being devoid of conflict or challenge or problems, but rather to acknowledge that those things exist, accept them for what they are, and focus on cultivating the conditions that you DO want in your life rather than intensely focusing on all that you do not want. Do do not wait. Do not put it off. Not when you can choose to be happy today!

Blocks to happiness can exist in our physical bodies, and when our physical bodies are in an overall state of dis-ease, they can feel insurmountable. Return your body to a state of homeostasis with an AromaTouch Session and support your body in supporting your happiness! Book Your Session Here: Book Your Session!


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