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Cleanse To Prepare

Our Divine Download for October 17, 2021 is Cleanse from The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck. Cleanse brings us the message "Your body, mind, and soul are urging you to take time out for some much-needed cleansing. Just as you wash your car, clean the house, or tidy your office, your body also needs care and attention. It's time for some spiritual, emotional, and physical cleansing! Chances are better than not that when you read this card, you instantly knew exactly what needs to be cleansed and cleared for you. So what are you waiting for? It's time to get on with it! Cleansing, whether spiritual, emotional, or physical, is a personal clearing which washes away the old and creates space for the shiny and new to come in. Our bodies, our beings, need to be cleansed and cleared more than just the physical act of bathing because it's a dirty world out there on many levels and we don't want to be picking up that "dirt" and carrying it with us, especially when the mindless act of doing so can block space for those things that we do choose to carry. Everything needs a power wash and a reset from time to time, and this card indicates that our time is now, however that needs to look for you. What does it mean to cleanse your body? What does it mean to you to cleanse your energetic field? How do you cleanse your spiritual and emotional bodies? A physical cleanse doesn't just have to mean a fast or a juice cleanse. For some, a sea salt or other specialized bath may be the cleansing that they need. We're turning out attention towards the end of the year now, which is historically meant to be a time of rest and dormancy. Cleanse yourself of everything that you do not need and all that does not serve you as you prepare for a period of more mindful and deeper rest.