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Color The Future of Your Dreams

Our Divine Download for October 1, 2020 is Your Life is a Canvas from the Starseed Oracle Cards. The Starseed Soul Inquiry is "What are you being called to create in your life?" You're the artist of your own life. Fact. Do you see yourself as an artist? Do you align with the reality that your life is yours to create? Can you? Will you allow yourself to look at things in this way? Your life is a canvas, and in truth it is always a blank canvas. The past experiences that you've had, everything that has lead up to this point, to this exact moment has colored you, the artist, but has not left anything on the canvas of your life which cannot be erased, altered, or enhanced. If you wish for things to be drastically different in your life moving forward, then take charge of that desire and get on with manifesting it as such. Your current thoughts determine your future. NOT your past experiences! Ask yourself what kind of life you want to create for the future? What will you paint on the canvas of your life? How will color your future with your current thoughts? If you don't like what you potentially see from your current thoughts, make the choice, hold yourself accountable, use your magical manifestation gifts, and change them. The Earth is known as a planet of manifestation. Reconnect with your manifesting power and align your thoughts with what you want, with what you deserve, with what will bring you joy. Align your feelings with what you want, what you wish, and what you hope, with what will bring you joy. Align your actions with the vibration that matches these thoughts and feelings. Your actions should be indicative of the life that you're creating, not the one you already have. Take steps, choose actions, each and every single day that move you towards the life of your dreams. It's never too late to start, and it doesn't matter if you are confident that you've never manifested a single thing a day in your life (Fact: you absolutely have!) All that you need is an open heart, a focused mind, and clear consistent daily action. See your life as a beautiful picture unfolding before you as you create it. Color it with your thoughts and your feelings as you most desire. You can do this! You are pure magic!

Sometimes past experiences sneak up on you and sneak into your energy fields like an invasive fungus making you feel powerless and inadequate to create the life you dream of. A 60 Minute Angel Card Reading can give you specific focused action to get rid of that nasty past experience fungus and get you back on track to your magical manifester self. Book a Session!


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