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Our Divine Download for September 25, 2020 is You're Not Alone from The Starseed Oracle. Isolation can be necessary for all of us to recharge and regroup, these days more than ever. But, there is a vast difference between temporary isolation and more long standing isolated patterning. We're living through an interesting dichotomy in that we're more 'connected' that we've ever been, yet people feel increasingly alone. Humans are not meant to be solitary creatures. We are pack animals and we are not meant to go through life alone. We have a genuine need, on multiple levels, for love, touch, company, and support. We have an increasing need to be seen, not just superficially, but truly, meaningfully seen, and to be deeply known in the truth of who we are. This is your encouragement, your reminder, to step out of your self imposed cave, and to physically, actively reach out to others in order to allow your innate needs for human companionship and interaction to be met. The sense of isolation that we have felt, self imposed or otherwise, has certainly been amplified by recent events and continues to be amplified by societal behaviors. It's time to decide to value yourself enough to have your need for connection met on a regular basis. It's time to think, act, and decide from a place of knowing and not a place of fear. It's time to replenish yourself through the necessary and life sustaining and enhancing interaction with others. Ask yourself in what ways can you open yourself up to the people are are physically in your life? In what ways can you allow more people to be in your life physically? In what ways have you been blocking having your need for human interaction met? In what ways have you been self imposing your own isolation? In what ways are you craving connection? In what was is the Universe notifying you that you are not alone? Strengthen yourself and uplift your spirit through the sense of community that your soul is seeking. Allow yourself to receive and enjoy necessary physical connection.

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