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Communicate From Your Heart Space

Our Divine Download for February 16, 2022 is Heart-To-Heart Conversations from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards with the message "Honestly discuss your feelings with each other." There is a need right now to connect our heart chakras with our throat chakras and to speak about what we love from a connected heart-centered space. Far too often we do not take the time or make the effort to speak from this loving space of truth and light. Far too often we are either speaking from a cerebral space, or from a reactionary space not connected to head or heart. Honestly assess your patterns of communication. Do you take the time to connect to and communicate from the heart? Are you only speaking about what is on your mind? Are you a reactionary speaker? Are you truly listening? Do you feel that there is two-way communication happening in your primary relationships? If not, what do you need to shift or prioritize differently in order to open up the heart space for mutual communication to occur? When we have been in the habit of reactionary or drive-by communication styles, sometimes our partners and our loved ones bottle up important feelings and become guarded or uncomfortable sharing their authentic selves with us and we may need to issue them a sincere and loving invitation to the safe space of mutually respectful, honest, authentic heart space communication. It is a wise habit to embrace making the time and creating the space in order to allow this type of communication to happen on a routine, if not regular basis. Challenge yourself to provide the safety of the space for Heart-To-Heart conversations to happen within your most important relationships. Challenge yourself to come to the communication table and participate fully and authentically in these types of conversations. They will pay off handsome dividends in your relationships and in your life.

When we have not had healthy Heart Space Communication modeled for us, it can feel daunting and uncomfortable to participate in and prioritize Heart-To-Heart conversations and our ego minds like to run amuck within the framework of our discomfort. Our Angels can translate past ego-speak in order to help buoy our faith, strength and confidence to allow for healthier communication. Connect with your Angels during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Today: Schedule Your Session HERE!


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