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Connect To Your Spiritual Progress

Our Divine Download for December 24, 2021 is Spiritual Teacher from the Magical Messages From the Fairies Oracle Cards. On this Christmas Eve, this is a message about connection, both to ourselves and the divine. In this season of light, on the eve of this high holy day, the energetic potential for connection and support is at its pinnacle. Even if you have not been in the habit this past year, or ever before in your entire lifetime, give yourself the gift today of tuning into your guides and angels and asking them for something, for anything. Make that connection. Trust your intuition. Allow this to be your gift to yourself this holiday season. Realize and recognize that this connection is your birth rite! Flex those third eye muscles! Also on this Christmas Eve, take a few moments and review your spiritual progress so far this year. Give yourself credit for how very far you've come and how very much you've grown. Allow yourself to take some pride in your accomplishments. Be willing to assess and address those areas where maybe you're not super satisfied or super comfortable with your progress. Be willing to acknowledge yourself and give yourself credit where credit is due. Be willing to share your experience with others. They may need to hear what you've done and see where you've been. Sharing your experience can be healing for you as well as those around you. You're pretty amazing, and it's time to rise up and start acting like it and share your bad-ass amazing self with others. It's also time to up your intuition and your connection game with the divine. You deserve no less!

As you review and connect with this past year, it's a great time to also look ahead to next year with an Annual Predictive Multi-deck Reading. These readings are powerful touchstones and offer insight and guidance as to what the flavor of 2022 will look like month by month. Book Your Annual Predictive Reading Here: Book Your Session Today!

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