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Connect to Your Universal Support

Our Divine download for September 29, 2021 is Star Family and You're Not Alone from The Starseed Oracle Cards. Between isolation and polarization, most of us have felt alone physically, metaphorically, or both over the course of the past 18 ish months. And even the most introverted among us are still social animals, it's just how we're designed as people. Our society is also designed for togetherness. These changes that we've experienced, being alone due to isolation, polarization, or both, may have brought up some pretty big feelings for us, and feelings that we've never before had to deal with in this lifetime. All of which can make us feel even more alone. Part of what the astrological transits have been pushing us to do this year is to look within and connect to ourselves better and more thoroughly. In this space, we are being asked to honestly assess our lives to to make changes, or different choices, surrounding anyone or anything that is no longer serving us or our life purpose. If we have done this at all, it can feel even further isolating because the truth is that we are not on the same path as anyone else. But, these cards are our reminder that we are not alone, we are never alone, that we are surrounded by and supported by the whole of the universe, however you choose to look at it and label it. The trick is, that though we are surrounded by our star family, those on other planes of existence usually won't interact with us or make their presence known until and unless we ask. Just like they can't connect us with those members of our universal support team who exist on the earth plane without our asking either. There are people who are willing and able to support you on this plane of existence and in this lifetime, but you've gotta throw it out to the universe and ask that you be brought together with them. Your request doesn't have to be elaborate or ritualistic. Simple state to the universe or your star family "I feel alone and I don't want to feel alone. Please connect me with those on all planes of existence to show me that I am not alone." And so it is!

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