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Connect To Your Wisdom Through Your Ancestral Stories

Our Divine Download for April 11, 2024 is Storytelling/Connection from The Sacred Medicine Oracle. Traditionally winter was when we told our stories. Wisdom was passed down from one generation to the next during these less active times, and many of our teaching were passed down orally. This medicine card comes forward today to remind you of the potent stories your family history holds. In these stories, there are medicine ways, teachings of your lineage, and traditional knowledge that is waiting to be uncovered. This medicine cards asks you to do some familial research at this time because as you do so, you will also learn to know yourself even better. Sit with an elder in your family and ask them to tell you their favorite stories. If this is not accessible to you, ask for the information to come through your dreams, visions, and inner knowing. Write down what you discover. Think about the favorite stories of your childhood, the stories told to you by your loved ones, and all the teachings passed down to you about your heritage. There is gold waiting to be mined there, and you are being welcomed forward as a wisdom keeper of family knowledge and tradition, while putting your own individual spin on it at the same time. Storytelling is a way to remember who we truly are, and this card is calling you home to your most authentic self. Use the healing affirmation "The stories held in my memories are waiting to be revealed. I am a wisdom keeper for my lineage."

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