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Connect With Your Ancestral Realm

Our Divine Download for November 20, 2022 is Ancestral Realm/Karmic Release. Healing the lineage. Boundaries. from the Gateway of Light Activation Oracle. The cellular memory of every single person to whom you've ever been biologically related lives within your body now. Whoa. It's a pretty big deal. We can store experiences and emotions within our cellular memory, not just genetic code. Our Ancestors and their associated cellular memory can be a help or a hindrance to us at different points in our lifetimes. Certain lessons we won't have to learn because those who came before have already learned them and integrated them into our ancestral line. In the same way, certain patterns will repeat simply because it is what has always been done by those who came before. It is so very important to connect to our ancestors, not just the relatives with whom we may have been familiar, for this reason to let them and their experiences be a source of inspiration and strength from which we can draw from in this lifetime. It is also helpful to recognize when the issues we struggle with and challenges we face might now necessary truly be ours, but the result of generations of past experiences. How do you connect with your ancestors? How do you draw upon their strengths? How will you prevent their challenges and weakness from becoming yours? How will you stop perpetuating their negative patterns of behavior? Seek out ways to enter your own personal ancestral realm and to connect with your ancestors to see how they can best strengthen and support you.

When you identify ancestral patterns that belong to your genetic line and do not feel as though they are authentically yours, Energetic Cord Cuttings are an efficient way of cutting all negative cords of attachment to those patterns. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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