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Connect With Your Inner Divine Feminine Nature

Our Divine Download for July 21, 2022 is Cuprite/Female Power from The Crystal Ally Oracle Cards. Cuprite appears for you to signal you to invoke the power of the female aspect of your nature. The world has never needed Divine Feminine Energy as much as it does right now. How in tune are you with your own Divine Feminine Energy? How do you willfully and intentionally express your Divine Feminine Energy each and every day? What in your life blocks the full connection to and expression of your Divine Feminine Energy? Many answers that you seek within your current life situations can be found within your own deepest self. Make the time to find them and to connect to them through meditation and solitude which will then empower and enable the outward expression of these answers and this energy. Open yourself to the mysteries of the universe and to the void where all potential exists. The appearance of Cuprite also signals a "moon time," or a time of retreat and seclusion, from which you will gain the insight and strength you need to move forward on your journey. It is time to trust the unseen forces that are at work in your life. Open yourself fully to the realm of spirit. By moving within, you encourage your inner self to speak and to share with you the secrets of your hidden path. Affirm: I am the source of creation.

How you can best connect with and express your Divine Feminine Energy and nature is a wonderful question for a One Question Channeled Reading. Schedule Your One Question Channeled Reading Today: Ask Your Question HERE!


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