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Create Space to Become the True You

Our Divine Download for June 20, 2021 is What Are You Becoming/Amber and Activate the Void/Azurite from The Illustrated Crystallary. Amber tells us that it does not matter who we were before, and it doesn't truly matter who we are now. What matters is what we are becoming, and what we will take with us in the process of our becoming. The transformational time that we find ourselves in continues, and now we are being encouraged to evaluate what we will take into our fearlessly, flawlessly created futures. Amber is an expert at keeping safe and taking with exactly what is needed. Amber asks us to pause and consider "what will become encased in your essence?" and "what will you carry with you as you shift yourself?" The very nature of these questions suggests that there are things that we will no longer need to carry with us. Azurite asks us to focus on the void, on the space that we need to create in our own lives as we shift and change, becoming who we intend ourselves to be. The void is a magical place and a gift, because we can choose to allow it to remain as it is, or we can fill the space of the void with whatever we wish to occupy that space. Once we have created space, stuck energies can begin to flow again and it creates a place for something beyond what we have known. Azurite asks us to look into the void in order to feel the richness of possibilities that flow to us and around us. But first there must be a void to look into, and we create and embrace the void by clearing space. As you look at the things that are taking up space within your physical space, ask yourself if they are meant to move with you to the next stage of your being. Ask yourself if you love these things. Ask yourself if those things are taking up space and causing blocks to the natural glow of the Universe. Ask yourself if these things help you to feel free. Amber asks that you listen to both your heart and your head as you evaluate the things in your life and as you design your own becoming, and the future of your dreams.

Do you know which energies are taking up space within your physical body? Do you know if there is adequate space there for the flow of your future to exist? An Integrative Reiki Session can clear anything that is no longer needed or wanted within your physical body and ensure that there is a balanced energetic flow and space for what is to come. Book Your Session Here: Book Your Integrative Reiki Session!

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