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Cultivate Your Gratitude

Our Divine Download for January 17, 2023 is Thankful from the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards. Our Unicorns are guiding us to "Think about the people and things you feel grateful for." Gratitude is such a very important part of our lives and it gets very little lip service except maybe around Thanksgiving. We're being guided as we are still in the beginning of our brand new year, to cultivate a gratitude practice and to focus on it at least a little bit every single day. When you focus on what you are thankful and grateful for, you actually attract more things in your life to be thankful and grateful for. There is a direct correlation between gratitude and manifestation and gratitude is a necessary part of manifestation. Gratitude moves mountains. Truly. So stop, drop, and grateful needs to be a part of your daily routine each and every day moving forward. It's easy to list the big ticket items that we all know that we're supposed to feel grateful for, but it can be a little bit more challenging with an active gratitude practice to look at the seemingly smaller things, and to look at the people in our lives and the traits that they possess. Master level gratitude also includes finding the silver linings within our challenges and focus on what we can be grateful for within those situations and dynamics. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. ALWAYS. Sometimes we just have to look much harder for it than at other times. Connect with and cultivate your gratitude and see what miraculous manifestations you can cultivate within your own life.

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