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Defy What Holds Your Down

Our Divine Download for June 3, 2021 is Defying Gravity/Reishi from The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards. Reishi is a unique type of mushroom in the plant world in that it is not a soft, spongy, type of mushroom, but rather strong, structured, and it grows as a gravity defying shelf. Reishi asks you "How can you defy anything keeping you from finding meaning, purpose and health?" Although Reishi encourages us and guides us to assimilate our life's experiences and turn them into wisdom, she also insists that we learn by walking down the path that she points to, and to face the obstacles and speed bumps which offer opportunities for growth along the way so that we may learn and grow. In doing this, we will not need to rely on Reishi for strength, but rather will discover our own, which is how Reishi encourages us to transform from the inside out. Reishi wants us to step into and embrace our own superpower, just as Reishi is considered a super food and a super power within the mushroom kingdom. Do you know where your power lies? We sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that our power lies in what makes those around us happy and comfortable when the reality is that our true power lies most innately in what makes YOU feel happy, comfortable, alive, and vital. What gives you strength and vitality? What makes you feel comfortable and happy? What brings you joy? These are the spaces in which your power most lies. Reishi encourages us to feed our soul. She encourages us to answer these very important questions which will serve as a road map to our true power. Reishi encourages us to be the super YOU of the human kingdom. She wants us not to literally defy gravity, but to defy any constructs which keep us from our most natural, powerful, soul fed, super state. Reishi pushes us to level up.

Sometimes we become stuck and we're just not sure what exactly it is that we need to defy in order to find meaning, purpose, and health. Our Angels are experts at showing us where we are stuck, and how to defy anything keeping us in a stuck state. Let your Angels give you specific, easy action steps which will move you from where you are to where you want to be. Allow them to do just that with a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading! Book Your Session Here: Book Your Session!


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