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Detaching from Attachments

Our Divine Download for May 25, 2020 is Attachment from the Energy Oracle Cards. Attachments are all about perceived needs and the choice to let go. Sometimes attachments aren't even ours, but have been passed down to us through our genetic line thanks to the cellular memory of DNA. But, attachments to the past, and things that no longer serve us, are coming into focus for us right now because it's time. It's time to make a choice to do something about that which is holding us back. You desperately want to move forward, but attachments keep you treading water or jogging in place. Attachments can be physical addictions, emotional patterns, old relationships, fear, drama, unhealthy habits - and in many of those cases those attachments that bind you were forged by your own hand, so it's got to be you who unbinds yourself too. It's time to take action go break free of your attachments and it will likely take some courage as well, but you are strong enough, powerful enough, and your're ready. Once you have committed to let go of these past attachments and patterns, the Universe will support you by helping you establish new ways of doing things and relating. Releasing patterns and attachments isn't usually a one and done type of thing. Rather, it is a purposeful re-

patterning and an ongoing process of choosing differently. Patterns that are deeply entrenched or encoded may require continual releasing and redirecting of your energy. Being willing to break the chains of attachment allows you to walk away from limiting beliefs, patterns, and experiences, and towards a brighter, expansive, unlimited future. The Affirmation for Attachment is: "I release attachment and choose peace. I am strong, free, and able to choose what honors me."


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