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Dream a Magical Lil Dream

Our Divine Download for August 20, 2022 is Raziel/Dreams from The Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards. Archangel Raziel is the Archangel who helps us learn about and focus on the divine mysteries of the universe. He reminds us that our dreams are one of the most powerful oracles that we can access and alerts us that messages are filtering through our dream kingdom right now, and that these messages will help us to make an important life decision soon. Raziel assures us that we do not need to worry if we cannot remember our dreams because our unconscious stores them for our Higher Self to interpret. It can be helpful to try to keep a dream journal to develop the ability to read the metaphors of this part of your consciousness. You can begin by keeping a glass of water next to your bed and drinking 1/2 of it before you go to sleep, asking your angels, your guides, and especially Archangel Raziel to help you remember your dreams. Then, when you wake in the morning, drink the other 1/2 of the glass of water and thank your angels, your guides, Archangel Raziel and your subconscious for helping your recall your dreams. This is a technique which requires some patience and some practice. Archangel Raziel asks you to consider if you are truly open to believing in the magic and mystery of the universe? He also asks you to consider if you are able to sense the depth of your intuition and if your soul or Higher Self guides you in your daily living? An affirmation to draw in Archangel Raziel on a daily basis is : "May I be intuitive. May I live a life full of spirit. May I be made joyous by the awe of life's magic." May I live in peace." And so it is!

Often we are disconnected from our unconscious dreams when we forget to or simply stop day dreaming about all of the magic that we want and has the potential to manifest in our lives. Our Angels will help to reconnect us to our magical day dreams during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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