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Embrace The Magic Of The Universe

Our Divine Download for February 24, 2024 is All the Magic Everywhere from The Dreamweaver's Oracle. One of the biggest benefits about heeding yesterday's advice about being calm is that when we are calm, it is easier for us to be connected. When we are connected, it is easier for us to connect to the magic of the universe. Which is frickin' fabulous! Because that magic is EVERYWHERE (literally everywhere!) but most of the time we are so busy being reactionary, and anything but calm as our ego drives our meat suits that we miss it. The other part of this is that we need to be mindful as to how we are defining magic. Sometimes our ego likes to oversell what magic actually is in order to talk us out of things being as they truly magically are. We write things off to coincidence (as if there is any such thing) rather than accepting and noticing the magical synchronicites that exist all around us all of the time. Then we wonder why we feel crazy and disconnected. Magic is what you believe it to be. Magic is how you choose to define it. So if you see the sun rise and the sunset as magical, then so they are. If you prefer to look at magic as some over the top Houdini style production, then that is how and what it will be to you. Magic exists everywhere all of the time. Will you choose to seek it out and find it for yourself?

Our Angels are experts at helping us connect back with the magic of the Universe and are more than happy to help you do so during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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