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Embrace Your Innocence, Maybe?

Our Divine Download for September 11, 2020 is Innocence from the Messages from the Mermaids Oracle Cards. Their guidance is "Focus on innocence as you navigate through the current situation. The purity of your innocent heart will guide and protect you through challenging times." Great strength lies in our natural innocence which is our innate state of being. No matter what you've done in your life, not matter what you've seen, what you've been through, your heart and your soul are infinitely, eternally innocent. Even as adults, we can still connect to our childlike sense of innocence and wonder if we so choose. Innocence has no age limit and is actually our natural state of being which we can reclaim and empower right now. When we focus on and live in innocence, others will be magnetically, instinctively drawn to us. People want to be in the presence of purity and innocence. If you have been going through a battle or trial, legal or otherwise, this card is a sure sign that your purity of position will be upheld, your innocence revealed so to speak, as long as you stay in the light of honesty and integrity and are pure of heart and intention. You do not have to guard or protect your innocent heart, but you do need to be mindful that others to not mistake or confuse your innocent nature for gullibility. Your innocence is a strength of character which will protect you in your time of need of times of challenge. In the harshness of the outer world, we can feel or it may appear that our innocence is corrupted or even has disappeared all together as we've become jaded and burdened by the cynicism of life. But our innocence is always with us, communicating as a whisper rather than a scream. And in truth, it is always pure. The pureness and delicate nature of our innocence is actually what serves as protection against the coldness and harshness of life. Often times are innocence whispers to us through maybes. Maybe she's not doing in on purpose. Maybe he's doing the best he can with what he has. Maybe she's just acting out of her own pain and patterning and it doesn't have anything to do with us. Maybe it's not as bad as all that. Make space in your life for those maybes. Better possibilities and greater truths exist in the innocence of the maybes. Maybe is fraught with possibilities for upliftment.

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