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Embrace Your Optimistic Life

Our Divine Download for February 12, 2022 is Stay Optimistic About Your Love Life from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards with the message "Positive thinking and faith will bring you romance." This is your gentle and loving reminder from the romance Angels that you have a strong influence on your love-life satisfaction (not to mention your overall life satisfaction period!). If you have been stuck in or overly focused on lower vibrational energies like fear, worry, or even complaint, your Angels are encouraging you to shift to a more optimistic perspective. The past is the past, and past experiences do not and will not dictate present or future outcomes unless you choose to stay stuck in those past situations and past results in which case you increase the likelihood that you will indeed rinse and repeat those experiences by thinking and believe them into being. You are being guided to take the actions steps to positively manifest the love life that you desire (and/or the love of life that you desire - "love life" is also a pretty straight forward directive!) Regardless of whether you're single or in a partnership, visualize yourself as romantically happy and satisfied. This works for any and every aspect of your life! Lean into that visualization and breathe technicolor detail into it. You may wish to connect with this visualization in a more tangible way by journaling or creating a dream board. But spend time breathing color and detail, really breathing life into what and how you do want your life to look every single day. Prioritize doing so. Follow any inner guidance that comes up as these are the action steps that will lead to manifesting your desires. Your positive outlook will make you more physically and energetically attractive, which will help your relationship with yourself and with everyone else too, allowing your inner light to shine.

Our Angels are our divine Agents of optimistic and can provide us with specific spiritual action steps which will help uplift our spirits and make it easier to focus on and stay connected to optimism. Connect with your Angels in this way during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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