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Enjoy Your Gentle, Loving Empowerment

Our Divine Download for August 11, 2022 is Fairy of Dawn Awakening from the Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards. The Fairy of Dawn Awakening is a gentle and loving being who attracts every stream of light within the universe with her song, which is heard at the dawn of each new day and at the sawing of new awareness within yourself. Her smile perpetuates new life with sunshine. She asks that you follow her example of radiating gentle and loving energy and that you not waste your energies on anger. She encourages you to awaken to fulfill all the good in your life and reminds you that you have a bounteous future that can bring you a whole new force of power and wisdom. Living well, living your best and most empowered life, is the absolute best revenge. You don't need to worry about being inhibited by the sheer force of your power and wisdom, because they will naturally draw out your ambitions and abilities as you open to and allow yourself to connect with them. Shed the energies of the past, all of the upsets and the times that you have felt that was nothing there for you, because even when you felt that, there still absolutely was. It is here and now that you can see that you can take your life forward with a complete revelation of your own personal power. It is also here where you can begin to gain the necessary perspective that those times which felt so dark and so dire were necessary launch points so that you could fully appreciate the extent of the reclamation of your own power. This is your new dawn. Rise up and greet it with the full breadth and depth of your own personal power. Awaken your spirit with the good news that you are ready and fully empowered to take your life forward.

An Integrative Reiki Session will balance out the harsh and restrictive energies of the past, allowing you to operate from an empowered place of gentle and loving energy. Schedule your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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