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Everything is Going To Be Better Than Fine

Our Divine Download for May 22, 2024 is Lakshmi/Bright Future from the Goddess Guidance Oracle with the message "Stop worrying. Everything is going to be fine." Well alrighty then. One less thing! But seriously, everything isn't just going to be fine. It's going to be better than fine. It's going to be bright! (Like your future's so bright you have to wear shades bright!) Lakshmi is considered the goddess of abundance, so guess what's coming to you? ABUNDANCE. Abundance doesn't just equate to money. You can be abundant in every single area in your life. So why not ask spirit to make you abundant in ALL areas of your life and tell them exactly what you want that to look like?! Ask each day. Ask out loud. Ask until you receive what you are asking for or something even better (because who are we to limit the universe with our mere mortal thinking and lack mentality?!) When worry comes up for you, and it will, because you are still human, stop it in its tracks. Take a BIG, DEEP, cleansing breath that you are pulling up all the way from the tips of your toes and demonstratively exhale that worry away. Blow it away in a "demons out!" type manner. Do this each and every time that worry train comes chugging into the station and you will begin to reprogram those neural pathways over time. After you have blown away that worry, affirm what you want by asking for it again, or better still, by thanking spirit as though you have already received what you are asking for. Get ready, because the best and the brightest days of your life are yet to come and they're going to be so much better and brighter than you could ever imagine that it's going to blow your mind in the absolute BEST possible way!

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Oh boy I needed this .. I will be doing this daily ..🩷

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