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Evolve With Your Ego Partner

Our Divine Download for January 8, 2023 is Change from the Divine Abundance Oracle Cards with the message "When the ego finally sees the utter madness of trying to control everything, you come to a sacred crossroads in your own evolution." Ah, yes. Change is not one of our favorite words as mere mortals and people as a whole simply do not like and are simply not comfortable with change. So our ego does everything it can, going as far as to scream at us, that any change, even healthy and positive change is bad, or negative, or even dangerous. Our egos were actually designed to keep us alive and safe in this way, but unfortunately long after we evolved past the point that there were literally things trying to eat us and kill us at every single turn, our egos have not yet evolved beyond this safety feature. So we need to learn to work with our egos in order to continue our own personal evolution process and make the positive and healthy changes that we know that we need to make, many of which we are extra motivated and inspired to make as the calendar page turns from one year to the next. We can best do this by identifying our ego as a partner, listening to and even validating it's message, but then rewiring our big bad beautiful brains through some ego focused evidenced based self talk. When we acknowledge our ego, and even express gratitude to it, to meet it where it is at rather than railing against it's innate biological function, we can shift things for ourselves substantially. Our ego is a part of us. It's a necessary and helpful part of that. Partner with it so that you can both evolve together to be the best possible versions of yourself.

Sometimes it can be really hard to differentiate ego from intuition with out guidance and practice. Our Angels and our Guides love to help support us in this learning during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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