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Exciting New Beginnings

Our Divine Download for April 20, 2021 is New Beginnings from The Oracle of the Fairies with the message "This fairy godmother heralds the joyous news of a new baby - or the birth of a cherished idea. Protect and nurture your ideas as you would a baby." Good news! We have a fairy godmother working on our behalf! Whoo-hoo! Better news: she is supporting us in ushering in a new beginning! Perhaps for some, this could be an actual, physical baby. For others, this is an idea or a project. But either way, this is a big deal change, and a lovely energetic new beginning. And this is a new beginning which should be celebrated. Baby or idea, it needs to be nurtured, valued, and protected. How often do we take our new beginnings for granted? How often do we get caught up in the minutia of what we have to do or must to in order to bring them to fruition. We can fall into a pattern of surrounding our new beginning with burden or dread. And that's no good! Regardless of the nature of your new beginning it is a precious blessing which is backed by incredible energetic support. It is meant to be loved, enjoyed, and it is meant to grow and succeed - every step of the way. Sometimes we build feelings of dread and burden around our new beginnings in order to assuage or disguise our fears. It's okay to have a sense of wonder about the unknown, but you cannot fear it because it is unknown. "Fear belongs to anticipation of assumptions. This means that you can only fear the things you assume by projecting them onto the mystery of future pending events. If you allowed the unknown to truly be unknowable, it wouldn't be scary at all. It would just be excitement of life discovering itself." (Matt Kahn) The other reason we surround our new beginnings with burden or dread is because we think that we have to do everything ourselves. We forget that we have an entire spiritual support team at our disposal, every minute of every single day. AND, this particular new beginning comes front loaded with an extra helper in our fairy godmother! So ask her for help, guidance, and support. Allow her to partner with you so that you do not feel as though you have to go it alone. Lean into the excitement of this new beginning. It's going to be better than you'd ever imagine!

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